ProAxS for Business

> ProAxS : the Ultra-Secure Mobile Business Pass

A Tremendous User Experience

Simply authenticate with fingerprint or PIN on your mobile phone

At last, get rid of entering N times per day a long password with capital, small letters, digits, and special characters !

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Factor 1 : the mobile device as a unique object, exclusively under the user's control
  • Factor 2 : the secret : a PIN code

Elliptix Mobile ID is much stronger than a password, which can be used by third parties.

Protect your business progress thanks to the best-of-breed cryptographic science

Elliptix Mobile ID uses a Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) and cyphering algorithms such as ECC (Elliptic curves) to generate and protect your users' private keys.

Easy Integration and Deployment

For your IT Department

Deploy remotely in a few clicks : no need to summon the person to hand over a physical object.

Non-intrusive, the solution does not oblige to change your architecture and rights management policy.

Messages circulate in standard formats to comply with your architecture framework.

For users

Installing the Elliptix Mobile ID app takes a few minutes, and can be done by the administrator as well as the user.

Based on the global current technical standards

Elliptix Mobile ID implements OpenID Connect and OAuth2 in accordance with the RFC 6749 and RFC 6750.

Messages are exchanged via Web Rest and https.

Legal Compliance

Elliptix ProAxS complies with the European regulation such as GDPR

At last, cyber-security works with simplicity and cost saving

Unlike passwords, you benefit a two-factor authentication.

Unlike other 2-factor solutions, you need no smartcards, no USB tokens, no readers, no biometric sensors, no driver installation on workstations, and you do not need to manually manage certificates on such hardware !

Keep the control

You keep control over all accesses at all times (who / when / which channel / which rights ...) thanks to your central authorization server or our administration interface

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