About Elliptix

Your business safer, simply


Elliptix is a start-up founded beginning of 2021 by Vincent Moreau.

More than twenty years spent delivering secured transactional services to customers from many industries enabled him to acquire a considerable experience for implementing demanding e-business, of nation- or world-scale, with a high level of digital safety. The creation of Elliptix gives a sense to that legacy, to the customers' benefit

Reason to be

Today, with the startup agility, Elliptix provides business cyberprotection services that are usually the reserved domain of large IT services companies. We deliver theses services with simple and effective solutions, although involving a high level of technicality.

Our reason to be is making the world a safer place by democratizing digital safety for all businesses and organizations.

Know-How and Technology

Consulting : listening, understanding, bringing new elements that enrich Managers' thinking

Cryptographic solutions : symmetric and asymmetric cyphering (public/private keys), digital signature, private key infrastructure (PKI), electronic certificates, OpenID Connect, OAuth2 …

Management of Security : eIDAS European regulation, digital proof, Management of IT Security, Risk Management, Security Action Plans, audits, prevention and training

Service Delivery : high availability services, commitment on the SLA, performance, responsiveness

Plateforms : Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, Google Cloud Platform, OVH WebCloud, AWS Amazon WebServices, Microsoft Azure