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An item, a destiny

Thanks to the ICT, any large-series manufactured item can ben seen as a unique "individual" with a life punctuated by events : birth, travel for its production site to its purchase site, consuming, and potentially owner change, theft, loss, destruction …

A secured ID card for objects

Indeed, capability to supply an identity card for objects came economically affordable even for low unit price items, thanks to electronic numbering and QR code printing onto the label.

With out digital signature technology, unique numbers allocated to item are tamper-proof, and the signatory is guaranteed : it's you ! To control authenticity, a smartphone is enough. No need to install any mobile app. A QR code scan on the product label gives access to its authenticity certificate.

This secured numbering technology brings a plus compared to the secured physical labels and serial numbers.

Detect unappropriate or fraudulous distribution channels

Thanks to data brought by QR scans by consumers, our fraud detection solution based on Artifical Intelligence detects spatio-temporal and counting anomalies. Thus, a number used improperly, at the wrong place, or at the wrong time, will be identified !

Presence of your products on unplanned markets ? Scans of wrong numbers ? Abusive use of the same number ? Late reappearance of an expired product ? All these events are detected.

Bring trust

Protected Designations of Origin (AOP), Certified Designations of Origin (AOC), Protected Geographical Indications (PGI), or producers or makers defending the regional or national origin of your products ?

Show the authenticity of your products and guarantee their origin to consumers.

Direct Marketing

Brand Protect can also be used to promote your brand by establishing a direct link with the consumer.

Connect the unconnected

Thanks to the smartphone and via the Brand Protect QR Code,the inert product becomes connected, via its unique identifier, to a world of digital services. Thus your brand can set up personalized digital services around the item (dates of manufacture, expiration, guarantees, etc.), the product (components, marketing content, documentation, etc.), or the brand itself (animation, events, games …).

Augmented Label

Lack of space on your label ? There is as much as you want in the digital world, to inform or convince your consumer.

1-Scan Rebuy

In 1 scan and without installing any mobile application, consumers can easily put your product back in their cart. Simplify their experience, and increase your sales!

Influence distribution channels

Where to buy your product from ? The consumer always decides, but you can suggest your favorite outlets, whether physical or through internet platforms.

Marketing Intelligence

The direct connection between the brand and the consumer is an opportunity to collect data relating to actual consumption patterns in a simple and efficient manner, while respecting privacy. Location of the article, scan dates, or information entered, will complete your information capture.


Luxury products
Wines & Spirits
Food products subject
to European directives on traceability
Other agro-food products

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