Enterprise Asset Manager

Manage your enterprise assets as a connected fleet

An object, a destiny

Thanks to new technologies, every object can be seen as a unique "individual" with a life punctuated with events : creation, travel from production site to point of sale, moves to different places, and potentially : owner change, theft, loss, destruction …

Indeed, the possibility to supply an id card to any object has become economically viable even for low-unit-value objects, thanks to digital numbering, digital signature, and QR codes.

Access Individual Files of Enterprise Objects

Without even installing a mobile app, any smartphone owner can scan a QR code on the object's label then access its individual file.

With no authentification public information is consultable, and being authenticated enterprise information and processes are available.

  • Photo taking with direct deposit into the individual asset's file
  • Physical state updates, possibility to request maintenance actions
  • Link to your own enterprise processes

View your assets on a map

Multicriteria Search

Access to Individual Asset's File

Trigger asset-related enterprise processes (move request, maintenance …)

Why subscribe Elliptix EAM

Increase control on the enterprise assets fleet

Thanks to users contributions, receive information on the fly and from the field

Optimize moves, save time and money

Relocate temporarily lost equipment

Elliptix is your ideal partner : expert of traceability, attentive and responsive

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