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Committed by your side in the cyber-protection of your e-businesses

Secured Identity Services

Benefit from our best-in-class solutions to secure your Business Identity Management

At last, end the use of passwords !

Multi-usage pass for every worker

Secure access to both digital and real business environments

Quick and pleasant user experience

Remote deployment

Two-Factor Authentification

Elliptix ProAxS

Give your products an identity

For smart objects production

Massively generate tamper-proof digital certificates

Solution adapted to industrial processes

Elliptix Object ID

Generate digital certificates with your company's name

For your workers

For your enterprise assets

X509 digital certificates supply chain

All standard PKI features without the complexity

Elliptix Certificate Factory

Track & Trace Services

Connect unconnected objects and discover their new possibilities

Guarantee the origin and authenticity of your products

Large series objects can be seen as unique "individuals"

Reassure your consumers about the origin of your products

Feed knowledge of your markets

Create direct interaction with your consumers and influence distribution channels

Elliptix Brand Protect

Manage your equipment like a connected fleet

Connect the unconnected !

Thanks to smartphones, your inert equipment becomes smart objects

Make each material a unique "individual" with its own destiny

View their positions on a map

Optimize movements, manage maintenance actions, relocate lost equipment

Elliptix EAM

Consulting and support

We support you in the cyber-security procedures of your systems and your software developments.
Elliptix is ​​committed in the fight against cyber-threats and to protect your e-businesses!

Control your Cyber-Risks

Strategic and operational approach of enterprise cyber-security

Cyber-Risks Identification and Management according to the EBIOS method by the ANSSI (French National IT Security Agency)

Support to your Management

Elliptix Consulting

Cyber-Secured Software Development

Integrate cybersecurity in your software development projects

Design & Architecture Techniques

IT Security Requirements

IT Security Testing

Elliptix CyberDev