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Traceability, Secured Identity for Objects and Professionals, Digital Trust

Secured Identity Management Solutions

Benefit from the best know-how to secure Identity Management in your organisation

Mobile ID

Chief IT Officers in businesses and organisations, here is at last a credible alternative to logins/passwords

An uncomparable User eXperience : the user enters a PIN on the smartphone, that's it

Two-Factor Authentication, so much more secured than a password !

Much more cost effective than other two-factor authentication solutions based upon tokens (USB, smartcards …)

Solution compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

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PKI as a Service

Thanks to our Certificate Factory, supply unique certificates to all members, visitors, or hardware asset of your organisation

Standard X509 format, or specific formats (Consult us)

Benefit from the best practices of IT Security Management

Simply access the service on the Cloud, we manage complexity

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Code Seal

Businesses and organisations exploiting IT services, automatically detect any deviation against your reference software application code

Thanks to our Code Seal agent, detect intentional and unintentional modifications

Identify deprecated and misconfigured versions

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Track & Trace Solutions

Connect unconnected objects and explore new possibilities

Brand Protect

For the first time, large serie objects can be managed as unique

Guarantee the origin and authenticity of your products

Food Protect : Protect your controlled/protected origin label

Regulated products : Comply with the specific legal obligations of your industry

Inform the consumers with personalized information per article

Fight against counterfeighting

Detect inappropriate distribution channels

Feed your knowledge of your markets and how your products are used

Create a direct interaction wiht your consumers and influence the distribution channels

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Enterprise Asset Tracer

Connect unconnected objects and explore new possibilities

Follow up your enterprise assets as a fleet

  • Benefit from updates provided by the final users in mobility situations
  • View your fleet on a geographical map
  • Retrieve lost assets
  • Be informed in real time about defectuous hardware
  • Receive recent photographies, especially when damages occur

Object Identity Factory

Manufacturers and Industrial Operators, give a unique identity to all your articles

You may use our tamper-proof certificate factory (PKI : Private Key Infrastructure) adapted to industrial contexts

Benefit from the best-of-breed IT security practices

Simply access the service, we manage the complexity

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Elliptix has the expertise for implementing secured IT systems that provide business services. We can provide advice and actively support your plans.

Business Services Security

Integration of IT Security in a project

Audit of the effectiveness/security balance in your business processes

Confidential audit of your compliance with the current regulation about personal data protection

Assistance to writing your Certification Policy (CP) and Certification Practices Statement (CPS) to obtain a European certification

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Digital Transformation

Active consulting during your transformation definition process

Business Performance

IT Teams Mergers : building the global view, reaching mutual understanding, defining or refining the target, elaborating the plan with and by the teams

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